Mosquito Control in Minnesota


At Bite Back Mosquito Hunters we want to provide the best control for your mosquitoes and ticks possible.  To do this we have selected a unique blend of ingredients, not the cheapest products available, but the best! 

We utilize two different products that attack the mosquitoes at different stages of their life-cycle.  We blend these products together specifically to kill not only the living mosquitoes but to kill their eggs and larvae as well.  This double attack eliminates the bugs at any and all of their life cycles.

The Adulticide is designed to kill the adult mosquitoes on contact.  This product is also micro-encapsulated to leave a lasting residue which can be effective for three to four weeks.  Any mosquito that comes into contact with the spray is killed instantly.  Any mosquito that comes into contact with the remaining residue will be deterred from approaching the area, and if they are bold enough to land on it, they will be killed as well offering double the protection.  

Quit Slapping yourself

Live mosquitoes only live for a few days to a week, maybe two depending on the species.  But more are hatching everyday.  The eggs from some of the worst biters can live for up to FIVE YEARS!  That's right, they survive the bitter cold winters and just lay in wait until the temperature and moisture is just right and then they hatch.  Therefore, it is equally important to stop their eggs from hatching into larvae and stop the larvae from growing into the adults. Our larvaecide prevents the eggs from hatching and the larvae from maturing.  

Our products are safe, government approved and once dry (typically about a half hour after application) Human, kid, and pet friendly.

Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, they also carry a variety of diseases from West Nile to Zika. Don’t put your family in harms way this summer.